Peng Lim Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan as a manufacturer of detal equipment in 1978, PENG LIM Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been selling our variety of dental products globally.


PENG LIM was certified as an ISO 9001 company in 2003, and has been an ISO 13485-certified company ever since ISO lauched a quality management system exclusively for medical devices in 2006. PENG LIM has also been qualified as a CGMP company since 2007. Some of PENG LIM's products even have earned the CE Class II and FDA 510K certificates as well.


Over the decades, we have developed and extended our product categories, including Turbine Handpiece, Contra Angle Handpiece, Ultrasonic Scaler, Air Scaler, Curing Light, Preformed Stainless Steel Crown, Dental Operating Light, Autoclave, Water Distiller, Prophy brush, Cup, Abrasive Stone, Silicone Point, Tubings, Infection Control Products, Laboratory Products, Dental Glassware, Disposable Products, a variety of Dental Unit Component Parts and Accessories, etc, to name just a few.


PENG LIM is determined to constantly improve, adapt and innovate to ensure that we provide our distinguished customers with high-quality but affordable products.


Any demand and opinion of our distinguishd customers matter to PENG LIM. We always cherish every opportunity to serve our distinguishd customers and do our best to meet our distinguishd customers' need.