PL-680 Brushless Electric Micromotor


  • Electric drive eliminates the drawback of air turbine handpiece - noise, stalling and lack of torque at low speed, etc.
  • Brushless electric motor without hall element, maintenance free.
  • High reliable, micro vibration and noiseless rotation throughout the full speed range.
  • The control panel is designed to provide clear indication of all the functions and ratation speeds.
  • Easy to connect to the exisiting turbine hose B2/M4/6 holes of dental unit or dental cart in the clinic and dental unit foot pedal can be used for speed control.
  • With 1:5 increasing speed contra angle, speed can reach to a maximum of 200,000 rpm.


  • Control box power: Input 100V ~ 260 VAC  Output 32VDC / 24VAC
  • Output power: 100W
  • Max. speed: 40,000 rpm
  • Dimension: L170mm x W135mm x H72mm
  • Weight 1.3kg

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